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Statement of gkisedtanamoogk
for The Peoples and Nations of the WABANAKI

WABANAKI Nations are the Original People of the lands and regions currently known and usurped by the nation-states of "canada" and the "united states". The provincial and state designations described inclusively from "newfoundland" south to the "american carolinas," delineate the geographic locations of our many Peoples and Tribes. By consequence of our Birth and Existence, the WABANAKI have the right to live according to WABANAKI Customs, Traditions and Laws. The conscience of Humanity found in many sources of indigenous, international, biblical, municipal law and thought, recognises that all people have sovereignty, self-determination, and the prowess to live, grow, and perpetuate such realities and further, to expect these inalienable rights to be manifested, accomplished, and maintained.

Racism and might are not legitimate forces to either dictate the purpose of a people's destiny or are they the vital ingredients for the founding of a just society, an enlightened civilization, and champion for the philanthropic evolution of humanity. Quite to the contrary, these forces are steps to the decline of the human species and would ensure, if unchanged, the extinction of humanity's presence on the Earth. There is no greater evil working in the world, than the evil that comes from the destruction of love and compassion, dreams and the will, the zest and innocence of Children, Families, and a People. The resolute annihilation of a safe, peaceful and loving social environment, home and community, are acts of genocide. Such acts against any people, at any time, in any place, whether in the form of the physical, mental, or emotional, always deserves its rightful punishment and immediate end. This is the tragic, unfortunate history and present reality suffered by the WABANAKI/Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island ("north america").

At issue is 1) the obstruction against the determined maintenance of Familial integrity, integral relationships and the collective association rights of WABANAKI and other Indigenous Families, Communities, and Nations bonding, historically, across time and space, ["canada's" failure to respect and recognize the legitimacy of WABANAKI Spirituality and ceremonial marriage customs and rites] and 2) the denial of WABANAKI/Indigenous territorial, cultural, and spiritual integrity, ["canada's" failure to honour the Homelands of our Peoples as recognized by the Royal Proclamation of 1763, "canada's" constitution, International Laws, and WABANAKI Laws and Treaties] and 3) the inalienable right and responsibility to remain and further the development in the essence and reality of Being WABANAKI/Indigenous ["canada's application of immigration, citizenship, taxation, and other assimilationist/integrationist laws and policies to the WABANAKI and other Indigenous Peoples, Communities and Nations].

Borders separating "canada" and the "united states" are borders established by colonial european interests in land and resource ownership, extraction and exploitation. This border, and subsequent borders, has been placed over the objections, without consent, without given authority, and the required participation of WABANAKI and other Indigenous Nations whose Homelands, now profoundly divided, are affected.

Despite the rule of law, and "north america's" propensity for rhetoric claims of their fidelity to it, WABANAKI/Indigenous People and Nations continues to suffer from the painful and agonizing confusion stemming from "north america's" deliberate subversion of our treaties and complete disregard for our political nation-to-nation status and protocol.

Equally, the purposeful subterfuge of international law, and the subsequent failure from the deficient implementation of safeguards established by "north american" principal authority of constitutions, contributes to the injustice of these illegal borders and the resultant application of municipal status, laws, and labels to WABANAKI Nationals. The horrid history and legacy of 500 years of steady, unrelenting persecution and usurpation of Indigenous People, Culture, and Territories by foreign european-based tyranny remains a contemporary reality, unchanged by the pain, suffering, and struggle of our Peoples. This description of the circumstances of WABANAKI/Indigenous peoples, is the effect inclusive of "north american" borders and the practices of expropriating and transforming the realities of Indigenous Peoples.

Despite the rhythmic nature of social complacency, apathy, and self-serving disregard shown to WABANAKI/Indigenous struggles, we are determined that justice will prevail. We engage ourselves in unity, friendship, and the joining of forces with one another and with any people working to ensure holistically, the quality, dignity, and quantity of security and sustainability for All Living Beings of Creation.

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