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Purpose of Miingignoti-Keteaoag

To all concerned for Aboriginal justice;

Miingignoti-Keteaoag is a group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and organizations who have come together in support of the right of Aboriginal people to move freely within their traditional territories.

The name "Miingignoti-Keteaoag" is drawn from two Wabanaki languages, Micmac and Wampanoag. Roughly translated, it means "coming together to renew and restore the integrity and way of life of Wabanaki Nations and our relationship to Creation according to the Life Principle." Specifically, the group conducts research, public education and fundraising to address the effect of the Canada-United States border on Wabanaki peoples. Our long-term goal is to find ways for peaceful and respectful coexistence for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people on Turtle Island/North America.

The group began in 1996 in response to the terms under which the Canadian Department of Immigration allowed gkisedtanamoogk, a U.S. born Wabanaki man, temporary entry back into Canada after denying his right to return home for six months following his visit to the U.S. We believe that gkisedtanamoogk should not have to apply to Canada's Department of Immigration to exercise his inherent right to live with his wife and family within his traditional homeland.

Miingignoti-Keteaoag, in order to strengthen efforts toward securing mobility rights for gkisedtanamoogk and all Wabanaki peoples, is seeking information about Aboriginal families or individuals who have been affected by the Canada-U.S. border. The group invites you to contact us with your story, if your family or friends have been affected. The group meets in Fredericton approximately once a month and welcomes newcomers who wish to become involved in the work.

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